Michelin Event

  • The Challenge

    Organize a large-scale event to attract customers, using the name and talent of celebrity chef John Burton-Race. This event has to achieve two tasks: generating discussion about the client’s services and building a brand identity for our client as a provider of luxury cuisines.

  • The Solution

    A cross-platform multi-stage event was established to maximize the potential of the Michelin brand name and to promote brand images for various clients.


With the abundant resources of Chef John Burton-Race’s name as a Michelin chef and his personal affection for Vietnamese cuisines, CHEN capitalizes on the image of traditional Vietnam culinary to organize a large-scale event with our partners. Associating with Michelin’s preconception of being a luxury, high-end service, CHEN’s Michelin Events have conveyed the extravagant theme, without alienating our based customers.

Michelin Menu Dishes

Chef Burton-Race has previously worked with President Cruise’s team to create a Michelin starred menu, which is the perfect highlight for CHEN’s event. Hosting an all-out Michelin dinner, with a selective list of guests, this strategy ultimately paid off with a rise of interests in Chef John’s culinary skills and exceptional products.

Michelin Event Home Mộc

Following up the incredibly successful President Cruise’s Michelin Event, CHEN had to go even bolder. Collaborating with VietDeli – a Vietnamese restaurant chain, CHEN continued to host several Michelin events across multiple locations.
HOME Mộc restaurant, famous for its traditional Vietnam cuisines, was CHEN’s first point of interest. With a boutique backdrop of a restored French Villa well complemented by excellent dining services, Michelin Event continues its trajectory forward.

Michelin Event Home Finest

Home Finest Saigon and Home Finest Tea Lounge provided a more elegant and modern setting for our next destination. Nevertheless, with a few tweaks and adjustments to our marketing materials, Michelin Event never failed to amaze and attract even more positive attention for our clients.

Michelin Event Paradise Elegance

Paradise Elegance, one of Halong Bay’s most luxurious cruising option, perfectly rounded up our Michelin Event. By bringing the Michelin brand name to Halong Bay once again, CHEN re-emphasizes the importance of having Chef John’s brand name as recognition of “quality dinning” for our clients. Promoting the best aspects of both clienteles without demonetizing each business, this is a direct product of CHEN’s forward thinking marketing strategy.

2 Michelin-starred Chef John Burton-Race in Hanoi

A productive and successful long-term marketing plan requires excellent attention to detail to avoid any unprovoked catastrophe. But with the right help and expertise, a multi-stage event such as CHEN’s Michelin Event will help grow brand recognition across various clients, while using only a limited and sustainable amount of resources.