10 Steps to Creating Content Strategy on Social Media

Today, the list of social media channels is huge with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln, Pinterest, Snapchat … Each platform has its own specific characteristic and leading market, so we need to create different strategies.

Step 1: Choose the Right Channels

Twitter is about succinct business messaging popular in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom... While Instagram is popular about photos in the United States, Brazil…

Pinterest is mostly about infographics and tutorial. Facebook is a combination of all these factors and was used mostly in India and the United States.

An individualized strategy should be built for each platform.
If you choose the right channels, it will bring an effective strategy.

Step 2: Choose the format

Many types of content formats become popular nowadays such as blogs, video marketing, infographic… Based on your target audience’s behaviour data, you should consider which format will make your audience interested in.

Step 3: Set Your Goals and Create Content

Creating content that can touch audiences heart is a difficult job. Although they have different thoughts about content, these goals will help you attract them:

Give a solution
Offer a new angle on an old topic

Step 4: Make your voice differently

If you want your brand to appear as professional, you should remember three main rules below:

“Be friendly, but not overly informal”
“Fresh, but not immature”
“Fun, but not obnoxious”

Step 5: Hook the Audience

You can attract audiences by using catchy images, video, motivational messages, hashtags or smart calls to action.

Interesting content will keep audiences stand at your posts.

Audiences can be affected by some emotional like angry, curious, fear, happy, surprise…

Step 6: Be A Leader

“Always provide content that is relevant to the current issues your audience is facing”.

Today, you can use tools to research about trendy topics based on keywords such as Buzzsumo, Quora, Alltop, Flipboard, Google Trends…

Step 7: Be Good Listeners

People always want to be shared by someone could understand their problems.

If you can catch the insights, you can easily figure out what they want to talk about and what solutions they would appreciate.

Step 8: Manage the Content

Follow your calendar and put your content at the right time.

Create a clear schedule with different types of content throughout the week and craft them in advance.

Step 9: Don’t Sell Things

You can lose your audiences if your content sounds like an aggressive salesman. The audience just wants information that can solve problems or give them some suggestions.

Let’s build your strategy around the human element.

Step 10: Track and Measure

Measuring social media performance will let you know the results you’re achieving.

By following the data, you can easily realize the insights of your audiences more clearly.