Design and Brand

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” – Paul Rand
Brand building not only depends on having a solid marketing strategy, but it is also heavily influenced by the design.

Who cares about an image?

Before consumers know about your products, they will be interested in the aesthetics of your logo, the design of your website, quality of product packaging, even from first sight. If the design can make potential clienteles curious about the product, then it has successfully taken the first step to attracting a customer base.
In psychology view, people are always attracted by beauty, especially women, who are easily affected by an alluring design. A design that can touch you to your emotional core will make customers quickly move to decide.

What will you gain from a logo?

Whoever coined the phrase “Looks aren’t everything” clearly has not seen a well-designed logo. For some brands, a logo alone can bring in revenue through licensing and product placement. Without an immediate symbol to associate with, how long would the public remember your company and services?
The design is the foundation of your brand identity. Most consumers recognize a brand through its logo or main tone colors. For example, with the same kind of soft drink, but customers can distinguish Cola-Cola and Pepsi Co. through their main color tone. Red have a strong reaction in contrast to blue.
Today, the image of an apple with a bite from the right side is one of the most recognized logos in the world and an integral part of Apple’s brand identity. The logo is an easy way for people to associate with the brand name “Apple”. If you give the photo of an apple with a bite, 99% of people will answer the brand’s name.

Why now?

The idea of branding came from the blacksmithing practice of imprinting a symbol into an object - effectively immortalizing an idea into physical form. Branding is more than just providing exceptional services, it’s also about selling ideas and concepts, which is conveyed through the ubiquitous power logos and good designs.