Top 5 Highlights of Fashion Voyage 2019

With the spirit of combining high-fashion with Halong excursion, Fashion Voyage 2019 has successfully attracted guests with an extravagant array of excellent designs.

A welcome change of setting.
Escaping the confines of traditional catwalks, director Long Kan, along with 5 other designers, had created a truly remarkable setting for this Resort 2020 collection. The scenic backdrop of Halong Bay emphasizes the theme of “Lost in Wonder.”
Fashion Voyage brings a breath of fresh air into Viet’s fashion scene, just like how the pioneers of fashion used to: spreading our unique styles across the globe. Christian Dior marked the first time Resort fashion show arrived in the captivating country of Morocco, while French fashion icon – Louis Vuitton – showcased the Resort show in New York (US), or Gucci returning to Italy… Halong Bay is considered to be the perfect setting for the dreamy, ephemeral concept of Fashion Voyage.

A bucolic runway on “Heart shaped” island.
Ban Chan beach possess a rustic, uncharted beauty. From a bird’s-eye view, the island is clearly shaped like a heart.
With the concept of highlighting the hidden natural beauty of Halong, the organizing team designed the runway to be simulate a footprint sunken in the sand, more than 100m long. Rustic wooden planks placed alongside the print sit neatly between the golden sand, green ocean waters, and magnificent mountains of Halong Bay.

The footprint Catwalk next to Ban Chan heart-shaped island.
Humanistic messages.
This second season of Fashion Voyage aims to spread the message of environmental protection and sustainable energy. Designers and models alike were invited to a cleanup event around the beach, a display of responsibility, and accountability to the preservation of a heritage site. Director Long Kan also used recyclable materials such as carton paper to create background props. Blooming cactus symbolizes the message of adapting to harsh conditions, and always thriving in life.

Blooming cactus alongside the catwalk.
The show begins with supermodel Hoang Thuy entrance, a dazzling display of white, to start the windmill to generate electricity. The environmental message is conveyed through using sustainable energy and promoting mainstreaming renewable energy.
Not only that, a display of 3D mapping on top of Halong’s iconic limestone walls, a natural heritage site of Vietnam is a love letter towards this site. This is also the first time this kind of technology has been utilized on such a scale in Halong Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage site.