Fashion Voyage

  • The Challenge

    Think of an innovative, large scale event that has never been done before. To promote Halong Bay, reinvigorate interests in the site through new and enticing locations. Avoid traditionalist and smaller marketing campaigns with other clients.

  • The Solution

    Lost in Wonder – Fashion Voyage. A multi-stage marketing campaign that brings out the best of the fashion world and Halong Bay’s natural resources. Every level of the campaign is micro-managed to provide maximum marketing efficiency.


Fashion Voyage is hatched from CHEN’s yearning for a creative way to showcase Halong Bay, which has almost been completely depleted of innovative marketing resources over the years. The idea manifested when a new location in Halong Bay presented itself through our client, which provided an excellent location for a large-scale event.

Director Long Kan - Producer of Fashion Voyage

Keeping in line with the theme of accurately conveying Halong Bay through human actions, CHEN also realizes the potential of conservation and sustainability for this uncharted island. Our team meticulously organized a cleanup event on the beach, which recruited volunteers, to preserve the natural resources of Ban Chan island.