Logos Showcase

  • The Challenge

    Design a refined and aesthetically pleasing logo and encapsulates the values and general mission of the brand

  • The Solution

    Understanding a company’s strong points, ideal customer base, and contemporary design trends to create the perfect logo for each client.

Never judge a book by its cover, but a well-designed logo can be much more than just a pretty picture. CHEN’s team of designers understand the value of branding, in this digital age, is conveyed through the usage of logos and slogans. This logo was cleverly conceived from layering 8 different Ps next to each other, creating a floral pattern that is both elegance and power. The “P” stands for President Cruise, and the number 8 was chosen for its lucky property.

Taking a more abstract appoarch, Paradise Cruise's Wave logo complishes 2 aspect: conveying the theme of ocean cruises and revealing a sensation of luxury and prestige.

For the typographers, this next logo conveys its meaning throught the creative design of texts and lettering. Elongated and rounded corners make for a fluid reading, both rustic and elegance in nature.

A simple "h" is all that is needed to encapsulate the simplistic nature of HOME restaurants. Authenticity plays a big part in being this restaurant's aesthetic.