Ngon Gallery

  • The Challenge

    Quality video productions that help promote a brand-new location, using footage from an opening event and several days of excursion. The final product has to convey the client’s services while setting it apart from its previous associations.

  • The Solution

    Two videos, one showcasing the opening ceremony, while the other introduces the restaurant to the public. Both videos successfully advertise the unique theme of our client’s, building an identity for itself.


Ngon Gallery 1


NGON Gallery Nha Trang gave CHEN a mission: to create videos that promote a brand-new location with a unique and novel service. This challenges CHEN to think outside the box, to utilize all of our previous experiences without compromising the client’s mission.

Ngon Gallery 2

Our solution encapsulates the spirit of the restaurant, wholly different in its presentation and operation compared to its other branches.