Social Media Campaign – Paradise Vietnam

  • The Challenge

    Create and manage social media pages for the client. Regular posting to build a strong audience base, while using the platform as a landing site for customers.

  • The Solution

    A responsive and creative approach to social media posting that invites the audience to interact with the page. Intriguing posts and blogs combined with aesthetically pleasing graphics to bring in attention.


Companies live and die by their social media presence, which is maintained by regularly posting and smartly curated contents. To succeed in the world of online media, a brand has to understand their base customers, have a clear plan on what they want, and what they need to see. Brand building through social media is a combination of personalities, connections, and good customer repour.

Social Media 1

Dipping into the hectic world of Instagram, a more simplistic and visually appealing approach is necessary for a brand to thrive. Luckily, in cooperation with CHEN’s inner team of photographers and videographers, we are never short on incredible contents for posting.

Social Media 2

Understanding what works best for the algorithm of each media site ensures a booming business. The uncharted land that is digital marketing is an untapped potential for revenue and brand expansion.