Story of HOME Wines

  • The Challenge

    A new wine from Viet Deli named HOME collab with Le Grand Verdus winery in Bordeaux, France.

  • The Solution

    A video introduces the HOME wine through the concept documentary interview the winemakers and story behind HOME wine.


  • Viet Deli

HOME wine is a new wine created by the famous winery in Bordeaux, which is the most wine region of France. In this project, we visit Le Grand Verdus Chauteax and met the winery has 300 years of history in winemaking. Through the trip, we record many scenes about the way they make HOME wine, the story of the old castle and the history of Le Grand Verdus. With all the footage was recorded, we had product a documentary video about the trip to France for finding the story behind the HOME wines and how it appeared in Vietnam at Viet Deli's restaurant chain.