Paradise Website

  • The Challenge

    Create an intuitive website to attract the right clients. Promote sales and scheduling options in an easy-to-understand way, while showcasing a wealth of media contents throughout the website.

  • The Solution

    Combining traditional developing techniques with eye-catching photos and posters. A productive booking system that relies on the client’s preferences.


Paradise Cruises charged CHEN with the task of creating an inclusive website to promote and sell products directly to its customer base. With this comes several challenges: creating a booking system that is enticing to use, designing a breathless experience for browsing, and coding simplistic but intuitive website mapping.

Website Paradise Cruise 1

Throughout the process, the Web Development team rigorously studied through competitor’s websites to dissect their strong points and weaknesses. The team recognized an untapped potential in SEO-based designing, which focuses on potential clients to Paradise Cruise’s website.

Website Paradise Cruises 2

The final product showcases an easy-to-use booking system that is entirely based on the customer’s experiences. An informational and minimalist page on our client’s products, which successfully display all possible choices for the web user.

Paradise Cruise Website 3

An effective website for any businesses has to be a central hub for all of its contents, and indulge the audiences into purchasing its services. With CHEN’s expertise, Paradise Cruise’s website has quickly become a prized production.