President Website

  • The Challenge

    Create an intuitive website to attract sales through an intuitive booking system. A gallery for our client’s media content, and showcase some unique attractions and services.

  • The Solution

    A novel website that portrays what makes our client different from the competition. An easy-to-use booking system that attracts sales.


CHEN’s web development team was charged with the task of creating a creative solution for a mind-numbing problem: be different in an ocean of traditional designs. Studying from our client’s competitions, our team realized the potential of having a frictionless booking system for our customer, which does not annoy them into paying but incite them through our client’s expertise.

President Cruise Website 1

President Cruises also possess several unique qualities that set it apart from the norms, but up until then, there was no clear promotion through the web. By highlighting these aspects of our clients, the website not only flows better, but it also improved the online presence through well-managed SEO.

President Cruises Website 2

The final product showcases an easy-to-use booking system that is entirely based on the customer’s experiences. An informational and minimalist page on our client’s products, which successfully display all possible choices for the web user.

President Cruises Website 3

An effective website for any businesses has to be a central hub for all of its contents, and indulge the audiences into purchasing its services. With CHEN’s expertise, President Cruise’s website has quickly become an effective tool at their disposal.