Le Thanh Hoa x Fashion Voyage

  • The Challenge

    This is the second time CHEN collabs with Fashion Voyage and the third time with fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa. CHEN needs to create a video campaign and produce quality videos in the fastest way to meet the client’s timeline.

  • The Solution

    With a carefully prepared script, equipments and schedule, CHEN has produced teasers, backstage videos, a highlight video of the show at Muong Hoa railway station Sapa.


  • Le Thanh Hoa
  • Fashion Voyage

“Another Day” Collection was inspired by designer Le Thanh Hoa's journey to Sapa in 2018. He felt in love with the natural and majestic beauty of forests and mountains in Sapa.

After the appearance of Muong Hoa railway station in Louis Vuitton's lookbook in early 2019, this unique railway in Sapa was chosen as the destination for organizing Le Thanh Hoa's latest fashion show. The setup was prepared in 4 days under the cool and foggy weather of Sapa to bring a perfect performance to all the guests.

On 26th October, designer Le Thanh Hoa has presented his latest winter-fall collection “Another Day”. Many famous guests working in the fashion and entertainment industry attended to watch the show.