Paradise Grand Cruise Website

  • The Challenge

    Create an intuitive strategy to attract the right target clients at a competitive market. As a new product of Paradise Group at Lan Ha Bay, the website of Paradise Grand Cruise need to be connected to Paradise Cruises from the colour and the brand concept.

  • The Solution

    Lan Ha Bay is a new market for Paradise Group. CHEN need to create an eye-catching and creative design but still have an elegant visual and informational, minimalist page for users.


Paradise Grand Cruises is one of the most important projects of Paradise Group in 2020. Because it is the first cruises that set sail in Lan Ha Bay of the Group, Paradise Grand Cruises need a creative and clever strategy to compete to numerous competitors and become the first choice when travellers want to have a tour to Cat Ba.


Website is the first step of the strategy for introducing the new product and send the messages to target customers about its position, unique selling points and useful information.

Website Paradise Cruises 2

Throughout the process, the Web Development team and Strategy team rigorously studied through competitor’s websites to dissect their SWOT. The team recognized an untapped potential in SEO-based designing, which focuses on potential clients to Paradise Grand’s website.

Paradise Cruise Website 3

With CHEN’s expertise, Paradise Grand’s website has quickly become a prized production.