Thai Anh Beauty & Spa Branding

  • The Challenge

    Receiving the brief from the client, CHEN needs to create a new logo that can show two factors: meaning and key features of a beauty spa. Besides, the client wants to show rebrand with a new corporate identity program (CIP)

  • The Solution

    Logo, main tone colour, CIP play important roles when you build a brand. Our designers and marketers had collab to find main tone colours, typography and create a logo follow the client’s brief.


Logo Thai ANh Beauty & Spa

Antique Brass exudes not only the luxury and elegance but also the cosiness and friendly while Nero gives a feeling of safety and trust. When you see the logo you can easily imagine it as a lotus or the images of women with hair covered by the towel that you usually see in a beauty spa.

List of corporate identity program for Thai Anh Beauty & Spa.
Thai Anh Beauty & Spa

With Typography, CHEN had chosen UTM Aptima front style for the word “THAI ANH”. UTM Aptima also gives the feeling of trust but still keep the fragile beauty of women.

For unify the brand awareness, Thai Anh Beauty and Spa had decided to change the design of the spa based on some advice of CHEN’s design team.